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We’re all in this fight together.

Working in unison as a community, we will survive, heal and recover.


Become a champion for healthcare on Catalina Island.

The Catalina Island Health staff is honored to be entrusted with your care. We take great pride in providing medical care and ensuring the health of every person who works, plays, or manages a business on Catalina Island.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected our community’s well-being, and Catalina Island Health is integral for our community to fully recover and thrive again. Now more than ever, we need your help so that we may continue to provide health care to all members of the community.

We are all in this fight together.

Shared Responsibility

We’re here to care for you, but we need your help.

We exist to enhance the health and well-being of every person on Catalina Island, and our staff is committed to providing the best in outpatient health care and emergency treatment. Our Medical Center is classified as a Critical Access Hospital because it is the sole source of medical treatment on the island. The Emergency Department is staffed by exceptional physicians specifically trained in emergency medical treatment, providing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Before COVID-19, small local hospitals like CI Health were already under financial pressure. But the pandemic has undermined the hospital’s economic foundation, even as we have intensified our efforts to protect and educate the community. Now more than ever, additional community and charitable funding have become essential for our survival. We need the community’s help to continue our mission.


CIMCF Doctors

Catalina Island Health needs supporters—champions—to offer their vision, talent, and financial assistance.

Our staff at Catalina Island Health swiftly organized its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We implemented telemedicine and virtual care, and modified the patient flow within the hospital to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Public outreach was amplified to educate the community on proper COVID-19 protocol. Our staff has also helped keep the city’s leaders informed, so that Avalon could make decisions about closures and re-openings.

COVID-19 has created a reduction in our hospital’s revenues and increased overall cost. The current financial situation threatens the continued existence of our hospital.

We need the entire community’s help now.

Become a Champion for CI Health

Keep Health Care on the Island

The Catalina Island Health Foundation needs you to join us as Champions for our hospital and support healthcare on Catalina Island. As 2020 evolves, help us find ways to continuously improve the health care that we provide to all members of the community.

We aim to secure a healthier future for everyone. Together we will overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Advocate for CI Health and Lead the Way.

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