Tina Minh Appointed Chief Communications & Development Officer

Catalina Island Health (CIMC) and Catalina Island Health Foundation (CIMCF) are pleased to announce the appointment of Tina Minh to the position of Chief Communications and Development Officer.

A California native and graduate of the University of Southern California, Ms. Minh brings successful experience as a frontline fundraiser for several major California institutions, including USC, UCLA, UCI and Hoag Hospital. With more than a decade of experience in these demanding environments, Ms. Minh joined CIMC in February 2020 at a critical moment in its history, during this unprecedented and challenging time amidst the unfolding COVID-19 global pandemic.

Tina MinhPrior to the COVID-19 crisis, CIMC and CIMCF have been working on creating funding support to build a new hospital on land that was gifted for the purpose by the Catalina Island Company in June, 2019. This new hospital would ensure quality healthcare access on the island, and meet the rapidly developing needs of its residents and patients. The decision to build a new hospital was born out of compliance with the California Hospital Association Seismic Safety mandate, whereby all California hospitals must operate from facilities that are deemed earthquake-safe by 2030, or be ordered to close. Serving in her role as Chief Communications and Development Officer, Ms. Minh will drive the medical center’s communications and marketing strategies, and lead the Foundation’s community engagement and philanthropic efforts to support quality healthcare on Catalina Island.

“It’s a great honor to serve Catalina Island, and champion support for excellent patient and critical care,” says Ms. Minh. “The urgency is real; CIMC’s current facility has been deemed seismically deficient and cannot withstand an earthquake. This is unsafe for our patients, providers and employees. Patients deserve access to quality healthcare in a safe facility. Our talented providers and staff equally deserve to work in a safe and modern environment equipped with the adequate resources to practice medicine and deliver the best patient experience. CIMC’s continued existence is essential to the overall health and wellness of Catalina Island, critical to its ability to attend to medical emergencies 365, 24 seven, and support the local economy. I look forward to partnering with our Island community and loyal visitors to help protect the health and wellness of our residents, and safeguard critical care access for all who live, work and visit Catalina Island. CIMC’s aspirations are to build a new safe and modern hospital that ensures this for generations to come.”

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